Instagram hashtag blacklist

Instagram hashtag blacklist

Instagram hashtag blacklistThere is a instagram hashtag blacklist that block all of the hashtags you’re using on instagram, and instagram still adds words to this list. Of course everybody wants to have a lot of likes and the perfect way is to use the hashtags to track people to hit the heart button. But what if Instagram could also been used as a offensive media type? Fortunately they choose to block advertisement en sexual content, to protect instagram users

Although the Instagram hashtag blacklist blocks a lot of tags, it doesn’t block aggressive hashtags like #kill #abuse #murder ?
A little bit odd, and i personally hope the Instagram hashtag blacklist will include also this kind of words

Instagram hashtag blacklist


Hashtag usage

If you are using hashtags, you should be aware that the maximum of hashtags is 30 p.p posted photo. Always check the hashtag by clicking on the hashtag to make sure it works. If you have used a word on the Instagram hashtag blacklist, than you can’t find your photo in the list of all the photo’s using the same hashtags.
If you are not sure if a word is blacklisted, you can check it on Gramfeed

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